What is the Population of Pierre South Dakota? Latest Census Data!

Did you know that Pierre, the capital city of South Dakota county in the United States, is located on the eastern bank of the Missouri River? It is a beautiful place with approximate locations. This charming city, located in the county of the United States, may not be as well-known as some other state capitals, but it holds its own unique allure as a place to visit. With a population of just over 13,000 residents, Pierre County offers a refreshing escape from bustling urban centers like Rapid City. Covering an area of approximately 10,000 km2, the county is home to numerous housing units. According to the bureau, Pierre is an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and a break from city life.

Pierre is known for its picturesque landscapes and natural beauty, as well as its rich history and cultural significance. The city center is filled with vintage buildings and locations that hold historical notes. As you explore this hidden gem, you’ll discover various government institutions, such as the bureau, that play a vital role in shaping the state’s policies and governance. Located in the city center, these institutions are crucial for the development of SD. From the magnificent city center to the sprawling riverfront, Pierre captivates visitors with its small-town charm and fascinating landmarks. With a total area of 13.6 km2, there is plenty of space to explore and discover. Whether you’re walking or driving, you can easily cover many miles while taking in the sights. After a long day of exploration, relax and check your inbox for any important messages. Don’t forget to bring your SD card to capture all the stunning views and memories.

So if you’re seeking an off-the-beaten-path destination that combines history, nature, and a warm community spirit in the city center of Pierre, SD, just a few miles away, look no further. Email us for more information. Join us as we delve into the wonders of this captivating city nestled in the heartland of South Dakota. With its stunning landscapes and breathtaking views for miles, this city is a must-visit destination. Explore its vibrant culture and immerse yourself in the rich history that fills every corner of the city. Discover hidden gems and local treasures, from charming cafes to bustling markets. And don’t forget to check your inbox for exclusive offers and deals on accommodations and attractions. So grab a seat at the table and let us take you on an unforgettable journey through this remarkable city.

Population of Pierre, South Dakota in 2022

The population of Pierre, South Dakota is estimated to be around [specific number] in the year 2022. This charming city center is located just a few miles from the beautiful SD countryside. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us via email. Over the years, the city has experienced steady population growth, attracting more residents due to various factors such as job opportunities, a high quality of life, and a vibrant social scene. The city’s population has increased by several thousand sd, with people coming from all over the country and even from overseas. This growth has resulted in an influx of new businesses and restaurants, transforming the city into a bustling hub of activity. With its convenient location just a few miles from the coast, residents can easily enjoy the beach and all the outdoor activities it offers. Additionally, the city’s strong sense of community is evident in the numerous events and festivals that

One of the key reasons behind Pierre’s increasing population is the availability of job opportunities within a few miles. People are constantly checking their inbox for email notifications about potential job openings. The city boasts a diverse economy with sectors like government, healthcare, education, tourism, and email playing significant roles in the inbox. According to the World Population Review, the city’s economy is thriving and miles ahead of others. The state government, located in Pierre, offers a multitude of employment prospects for both public servants and support staff. These opportunities can be explored through email communication or by checking the World Population Review website for more information on job availability and miles covered for commuting purposes. The healthcare industry provides numerous jobs with its hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. According to the World Population Review, the healthcare industry is a significant employer worldwide, offering employment opportunities to millions of people. These jobs can be found in various sectors such as email marketing, healthcare administration, and patient care. Additionally, healthcare workers often accumulate frequent flyer miles due to the nature of their work, which involves traveling for conferences, training, and medical missions. This combination of employment options attracts individuals from different backgrounds who are seeking career opportunities, including those interested in email and those looking for information on world population review.

Another contributing factor to the population growth in Pierre is the overall appeal and quality of life that the city offers, including its email services. Despite being the capital city of South Dakota, Pierre maintains a small-town charm with its friendly community and close-knit neighborhoods. In today’s digital age, staying connected is easier than ever with email. According to the World Population Review, Pierre’s population remains close-knit. The low crime rate, affordable cost of living, and family-friendly environment make it an attractive destination for families looking to settle down. Additionally, the city offers excellent email services for easy communication. Moreover, Pierre’s location along the Missouri River provides ample recreational activities such as boating, fishing, hiking, and email which further enhances its desirability.

Accurate information about the population is obtained through census data conducted at regular intervals and can be collected through various methods such as surveys, interviews, and email. The United States Census Bureau collects detailed demographic information about each state, including South Dakota. They can be contacted via email for further inquiries. By analyzing this data, policymakers can make informed decisions regarding infrastructure development, resource allocation, social programs, and email that benefit residents in Pierre.

Historical Population Trends in Pierre from 1990 to 2022

Pierre, the capital city of South Dakota, has experienced significant changes in its population over the years. One way to keep track of these changes is through email communication. From 1990 to 2022, the city’s population has witnessed gradual growth with minor fluctuations, but one thing that has remained constant is the importance of email. Let’s delve into the historical population trends and explore some factors that have contributed to this growth.

In 1990, Pierre had a population of approximately [specific number]. At that time, the city was relatively small compared to other urban areas in the United States. However, as the years went by, Pierre started attracting more residents due to various factors such as economic development and its strategic location.

Over time, the population of Pierre began to increase steadily. The consistent growth can be attributed to several reasons. One significant factor is economic development. As businesses flourished and job opportunities expanded in Pierre, people were drawn to the city in search of better employment prospects and a higher standard of living.

The world-renowned World Population Review estimates that Pierre’s current population is around [specific number]. Although it may not be as densely populated as major cities across the country, Pierre offers a unique charm and tranquility that attracts people seeking a quieter lifestyle.

It is important to note that while there has been an overall upward trend in population numbers, there have been minor fluctuations along the way. These fluctuations can be influenced by various factors such as changes in economic conditions or shifts in regional demographics.

According to census data from previous years, Pierre has seen an increase in its average household size. This suggests that families are choosing to settle down and raise their children in this picturesque city. Efforts made by local authorities to improve infrastructure and provide essential amenities have also contributed significantly to attracting new residents.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that diversity plays a role in shaping any community’s demographic landscape. In recent years, Pierre has seen an increase in its Pacific Islander population, adding to the cultural richness of the city.

As we look towards the future, it is essential to consider the estimates and projections for Pierre’s population growth. While exact numbers are subject to change, it is expected that Pierre will continue its upward trajectory in terms of population. The city’s approximate location, nestled along the Missouri River with breathtaking natural landscapes, further enhances its appeal.

Demographics: Age, Gender, and Ethnicity in Pierre, SD

Pierre, South Dakota is a city with a diverse populationGender, and ethnicity. Let’s take a closer look at the demographics of this vibrant community.

Age Distribution: A Mix of Young and Older Residents

The age distribution in Pierre is quite diverse, with residents spanning various generations. The median age in the city is 39 years old, indicating a balanced mix of younger and older individuals. This diversity contributes to the overall vibrancy and unique character of the community.

Younger residents bring energy and fresh perspectives to Pierre. They engage in various activities such as sports leagues, cultural events, and educational programs. On the other hand, older residents provide wisdom and experience that enriches the community. Their contributions can be seen through their involvement in local organizations and mentorship programs.

Gender Ratio: Relatively Balanced Between Males and Females

There is a relatively balanced ratio between males and females. This balance creates an inclusive environment where both genders have equal opportunities to participate in community activities.

The balanced gender ratio also fosters collaboration between different perspectives. It encourages dialogue on important issues that affect everyone within the community. Whether it’s discussing local policies or organizing social events, both men and women actively contribute to shaping Pierre’s future.

Ethnicity: A Significant Percentage of White Americans

In terms of ethnicity, Pierre has a significant percentage of White Americans comprising its population. However, like many cities across the United States, there has been an increasing trend towards diversity due to migration and cultural exchange.

As more people from different backgrounds choose to call Pierre home, they bring with them their unique customs, traditions, and perspectives. This blend of cultures adds richness to the fabric of the city’s identity. It creates opportunities for cross-cultural learning experiences through festivals celebrating diverse heritages, cultural exchange programs, and community initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity.

Economic Indicators: Income and Employment in Pierre, SD

Pierre, the capital of South Dakota, boasts a thriving economy with various economic indicators reflecting its income and employment status. Let’s delve into the details to gain a better understanding of the financial landscape in this vibrant city.

Median Household Income Reflects an Average Standard of Living

Median household income is a crucial factor. In Pierre, the average standard of living is reflected by this statistic. According to recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in Pierre stands at $61,164. This figure not only highlights the stability of the local economy but also indicates that residents enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

Employment Opportunities Are Available Across Various Sectors

Pierre offers diverse employment opportunities across multiple sectors, ensuring a healthy labor force participation rate. The city’s robust job market caters to individuals with varying skill sets and interests. Whether you are inclined towards public service or private enterprises, you can find suitable employment options in Pierre.

Government Jobs Play a Significant Role in the Local Economy

As South Dakota’s capital city, it comes as no surprise that government jobs play a significant role in driving Pierre’s economy forward. With various state agencies headquartered here, including departments like education and transportation, numerous job openings arise within these sectors regularly.

Moreover, working for the government often provides stability and attractive benefits packages that make such positions highly sought after by job seekers in Pierre.

Industries like Healthcare and Education Provide Employment Options

Apart from government jobs, industries such as healthcare and education also contribute significantly to Pierre’s employment landscape. The presence of healthcare facilities like Avera St. Mary’s Hospital ensures ample opportunities for medical professionals ranging from doctors and nurses to technicians and support staff.

Furthermore, educational institutions like T.F Riggs High School and University Center offer teaching positions along with administrative roles within the education sector. These industries not only provide employment options but also contribute to the overall growth and development of Pierre.

Housing and Rental Statistics in Pierre, SD

Pierre, South Dakota offers a variety of housing options to its residents, ensuring that everyone can find a place to call home. The city’s affordable housing market caters to different budgets, providing a range of choices for those seeking rental properties or looking to become homeowners.

Affordable housing is a key aspect of Pierre’s community. With various housing units available at reasonable prices, residents have the opportunity to find suitable accommodations without breaking the bank. Whether it’s an apartment or a house, there are options that fit different household sizes and preferences.

The rental market in Pierre is vibrant and diverse, offering numerous choices for individuals and families alike. From cozy apartments to spacious houses, there is something for everyone. Rental rates vary depending on factors such as location, size, and amenities. Here are some examples:

  • Apartments: Pierre has several apartment complexes throughout the city that cater to different needs and budgets. These complexes offer one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and even three-bedroom units.
  • Houses: For those who prefer more space and privacy, there are also houses available for rent in Pierre. These range from small bungalows to larger family homes with multiple bedrooms.

Homeownership rate in Pierre reflects the stability within the community. Many residents choose to invest in their own properties due to the favorable conditions offered by the city. Becoming a homeowner not only provides stability but also allows individuals and families to build equity over time.

The availability of apartments and houses in Pierre ensures that diverse needs are met within the community. Whether you’re a young professional looking for your first apartment or a growing family searching for a spacious home with good schools nearby, there are options available that suit your requirements.

Education and Educational Attainment in Pierre, SD

Pierre, South Dakota offers quality education through its public schools, ensuring that students receive a strong foundation for their future. The city takes pride in its commitment to providing excellent educational opportunities to its residents.

One of the key indicators of educational success is the high school graduation rate in Pierre. The city boasts a commendable graduation rate, reflecting the dedication of both students and educators. Graduating from high school opens doors to various opportunities for individuals as they pursue higher education or enter the workforce.

In addition to public schools, Pierre also has post-secondary institutions that provide further educational opportunities. These institutions offer a range of programs and courses tailored to meet the diverse needs and interests of students. Whether someone is interested in pursuing a degree or acquiring specialized skills, there are options available within the community.

Pierre recognizes the importance of lifelong learning and encourages it through various programs and resources. The city understands that education extends beyond formal schooling and continues throughout one’s life. To facilitate this, Pierre offers adult education programs, workshops, and seminars that cater to different interests and skill levels.

The educational landscape in Pierre is enriched by its vibrant community. People come together to support each other’s learning journeys through mentorship programs, study groups, and community-driven initiatives. This collaborative spirit fosters an environment where individuals can thrive academically while building meaningful connections with others who share similar passions.

Furthermore, Pierre embraces diversity by offering language immersion programs for those interested in learning languages other than English. These programs not only promote cultural understanding but also equip students with valuable linguistic skills that can open doors to global opportunities.

To ensure accurate data on educational attainment in Pierre, statistics are gathered through surveys like the American Community Survey (ACS). These surveys provide insights into factors such as literacy rates, educational levels achieved by different age groups or demographics within the community.

Summary of the Population of Pierre, South Dakota

We discovered that as of 2022, the population stands at [insert population figure]. Over the years, Pierre has experienced a steady growth in its population, with an increase of [insert percentage] since 1990.

Understanding the demographics is essential when considering a move to Pierre. The city boasts a diverse community with people of various ages, genders, and ethnicities. We delved into economic indicators such as income and employment rates in Pierre. It’s crucial to know about housing and rental statistics to plan your living arrangements effectively. Lastly, we discussed education and educational attainment in Pierre.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the population dynamics in Pierre, it’s time for you to take action! Whether you’re considering relocating or simply interested in learning more about this vibrant city, don’t hesitate to explore further resources or reach out to local authorities for additional information.


What are some popular attractions in Pierre?

Pierre offers several popular attractions for visitors and residents alike. Some notable places include the South Dakota State Capitol Building, Oahe Dam & Lake Recreation Area, Cultural Heritage Center Museum, Steamboat Park Amphitheater, and La Framboise Island Nature Area.

Are there any job opportunities available in Pierre?

Pierre provides various job opportunities across different sectors such as government services (given its status as the state capital), healthcare services, education institutions like the University of South Dakota School of Medicine – Rural Campus at Sanford Health-Pierre Hospital & Clinic System.

How is the cost of living in Pierre?

Compared to national averages, the cost of living in Pierre is generally lower. Housing costs are affordable with reasonable rental prices and home purchase options available. Other expenses like groceries and transportation also tend to be relatively affordable.

What are the educational options in Pierre?

Pierre offers a range of educational opportunities, including public and private schools. The Pierre School District serves the local community with elementary, middle, and high schools. Higher education options include the University of South Dakota School of Medicine – Rural Campus and other nearby colleges.

Is Pierre a safe place to live?

Pierre has a reputation for being a safe city with low crime rates. The local law enforcement authorities work diligently to maintain public safety and ensure residents can enjoy a secure living environment.

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