How Far is Ontario California from Los Angeles? – 37 miles

How Far is Ontario California from Los Angeles? – 37 miles

Did you know that Ontario, California is just a short travel time away from the bustling city of Los Angeles? With rome2rio, you can easily plan your road trip and calculate the distance in kilometers. Surprisingly, the travel time between these two cities is around 35 minutes by road trip or flight time. Located approximately 40 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Ontario is the perfect starting point for a road trip. Situated on the doorstep of its larger neighbor in Southern California, you can depart from Ontario and be on your way within minutes. If you prefer public transportation, Amtrak also offers convenient options for your journey.

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While they may be neighboring cities, there are various transportation options available for traveling between Ontario and Los Angeles. Whether you prefer a road trip, taking the Amtrak train, or hopping on a bus, you can reach your destination in just a matter of minutes. Whether it’s hopping on an Amtrak train or catching a bus, getting from one city to the other is a breeze. In just a few minutes, you can travel with ease. Check out the details for more information. So if you’re planning a visit to either Ontario or Los Angeles, rest assured that exploring both destinations is easily within reach. With Amtrak’s convenient service in CA, you can hop on a bus and be there in just a few minutes.

Driving distance: Ontario to Los Angeles

The driving distance from Ontario, CA to Los Angeles, CA is approximately 40 miles. If you prefer public transportation, you can also consider taking a bus or Amtrak for more details. Taking the bus is a convenient option, with all the necessary details available. The journey may take a few minutes longer due to traffic conditions. So, buckle up and let’s hit the road!

Time it takes to drive from Ontario to downtown Los Angeles

You can expect it to take about an hour. However, keep in mind that this estimate may vary depending on the traffic conditions in CA, especially if you are taking the bus. If you’re lucky and there’s no congestion on the roads, you might make it even faster by taking a bus in CA compared to driving a min.

The most direct route for driving from Ontario to Los Angeles

To get from Ontario, CA to Los Angeles as quickly as possible, the most direct route is via Interstate 10 West by bus. This highway will lead you straight into downtown LA. Just follow the signs and stay on the right bus path in CA.

Multiple highways connecting Ontario and different parts of Los Angeles

If you’re not heading directly into downtown LA and need to reach other parts of the city or its surrounding areas, don’t worry! The bus in CA can help you get there. There are multiple highways that connect Ontario, CA and different parts of Los Angeles by bus. Here are a few options:

  • Interstate 210: This highway runs east-west and can be used if you’re heading towards Pasadena or other eastern suburbs of LA. It is also a convenient route for taking the bus.
  • State Route 60, also known as the Pomona Freeway, connects Ontario with Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, and other cities in eastern LA County. This road is frequently used by commuters who rely on the bus for transportation in California.
  • State Route 71: If you’re looking to go south towards Chino Hills or Corona, this highway will be your best bet for traveling by bus in CA.

These highways provide convenient access between Ontario, CA and various destinations within the greater Los Angeles area.

Driving through these routes can be quite an adventure! You’ll pass by bustling neighborhoods in CA, iconic landmarks like Dodger Stadium or Griffith Observatory (if you take a detour) in CA, and experience the vibrant energy of the city in CA.

So, whether you’re planning a day trip or commuting for work in CA, knowing the driving distance and routes between Ontario and Los Angeles will help you navigate your way through the urban jungle.

Transportation options: 5 ways to travel from Los Angeles to Ontario

Traveling from Los Angeles to Ontario? No worries! There are several convenient transportation options available that will get you there in no time. Whether you prefer driving, taking a train, using bus services, hiring a taxi, or utilizing rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft, you’ve got choices!


If you enjoy the freedom of the open road and want to have control over your travel experience, driving is a great option. Hop in your car and hit the highway for a direct route from Los Angeles to Ontario. The distance between the two cities is approximately 40 miles, which can be covered in about an hour under normal traffic conditions.


  • Flexibility to stop along the way and explore different attractions.
  • You can set your own schedule and depart at any time that suits you best.


  • Traffic congestion during peak hours may lead to delays.
  • Parking availability and costs should be considered.


For those seeking a relaxed and scenic journey, taking a train from Los Angeles to Ontario is an excellent choice. Amtrak provides regular service between these two cities, offering comfortable seating and beautiful views along the way.


  • Enjoy a stress-free ride while admiring the picturesque landscapes.
  • Avoid traffic congestion on highways.


  • Limited departure times may not align with everyone’s schedule.
  • Tickets need to be purchased in advance.

Bus Services

If affordability is your priority without compromising comfort, bus services are worth considering. Several companies operate regular routes between Los Angeles and Ontario, providing an economical option for travelers.


  • Budget-friendly fares make it an attractive choice for many.
  • Different departure times throughout the day offer flexibility.


  • Travel duration may vary depending on traffic conditions.
  • Limited space for luggage might be a concern for some passengers.


For those who prefer door-to-door service and a hassle-free experience, hiring a taxi is a convenient option. Taxis can be easily found in Los Angeles, and professional drivers will ensure you reach your destination safely.


  • No need to worry about parking or navigating unfamiliar roads.
  • A comfortable and direct journey from Los Angeles to Ontario.


  • Taxi fares can be relatively expensive compared to other transportation options.
  • Availability may vary depending on the time of day.

Rideshare Apps

In this digital age, rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular for their convenience and affordability. Simply book a ride through the app, and a driver will pick you up from your desired location in Los Angeles and drop you off in Ontario.


  • Easy booking process with real-time tracking of your driver’s location.
  • Competitive pricing makes it an economical choice for many travelers.


  • Surge pricing during peak hours or high demand might result in higher fares.
  • Availability of drivers could vary depending on the time of day.

You have several transportation options at your disposal. Consider factors such as cost, convenience, flexibility, and personal preferences when choosing the mode of transportation that best suits your needs. So pack your bags, choose your preferred method of travel, and get ready for an exciting journey!

Train travel: Amtrak guide for Los Angeles to Ontario route

If you’re looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to travel from Los Angeles to Ontario, consider taking the train with Amtrak. With comfortable seating, onboard amenities, and scenic views along the way, it’s an excellent option for those who want to avoid traffic congestion on the roads.

Amtrak Provides Train Service Between Union Station in Downtown LA and the Metrolink Station in Downtown Ontario

Amtrak offers train service between Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and the Metrolink station in downtown Ontario. This route provides a direct connection between these two cities, making it easy for travelers to reach their destination without having to worry about transfers or additional transportation.

The Train Journey from LA to Ontario Takes Approximately One Hour on Average

One of the advantages of choosing Amtrak is that the journey from Los Angeles to Ontario is relatively short. On average, it takes around one hour to complete this train ride. Compared to driving or taking other forms of transportation, this can be a time-saving option.

Amtrak Offers Comfortable Seating with Amenities Such as Power Outlets and Onboard Wi-Fi During the Trip

When traveling with Amtrak, passengers can expect comfortable seating arrangements throughout their journey. The train cars are equipped with amenities such as power outlets, allowing you to charge your devices while on board. Onboard Wi-Fi is available so you can stay connected during your trip.

Passengers Can Enjoy Scenic Views Along the Way While Avoiding Traffic Congestion on the Roads

One of the highlights of traveling by train is being able to enjoy scenic views along the way. As you make your way from Los Angeles to Ontario, you’ll have the opportunity to take in beautiful landscapes and sights that may not be visible when driving on busy highways. This makes for a more enjoyable and relaxing travel experience.

Bus transportation: Bus routes from Los Angeles to Ontario

If you’re looking for an alternative mode of transportation between Los Angeles and Ontario, buses are a convenient and affordable option. Several bus companies operate routes connecting different parts of LA with various locations in Ontario. Let’s dive into the details!

Popular bus providers

There are a few popular bus providers that offer direct routes. These include Greyhound Lines, FlixBus, and Megabus. Each company offers its own unique features and amenities, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Travel duration

The travel time by bus from Los Angeles to Ontario typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions. While this may seem longer compared to other modes of transportation like trains or flights, it’s important to consider the convenience and affordability that buses offer.

Affordability and frequent departures

One of the biggest advantages of taking a bus is its affordability. Bus tickets are often cheaper compared to other modes of transportation, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. Buses provide frequent departures throughout the day, allowing you to choose a departure time that fits your schedule.

Comfort and amenities

Although buses may not offer the same level of comfort as trains or planes, most bus companies strive to provide a comfortable journey for their passengers. Many buses are equipped with air conditioning/heating systems, reclining seats with ample legroom, onboard restrooms (in some cases), free Wi-Fi access, power outlets for charging devices, and even entertainment options like TV screens.

Flexibility in drop-off/pick-up locations

Buses also offer flexibility. Depending on the specific route and bus provider you choose, you’ll have multiple options for where you want to begin or end your journey. This can be particularly convenient if you have specific destinations or landmarks in mind.

Taxi services: Reliable taxi companies for traveling between Ontario and Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient mode of transportation between Ontario and Los Angeles, taxi services are an excellent option to consider. Several reputable taxi companies serve these areas, ensuring a smooth journey for travelers.

Reputable Taxi Providers

There are a few well-known companies that stand out. These include Yellow Cab, United Taxi, and LA City Cab. These providers have established themselves as reliable options for commuting between the two cities.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

One of the major advantages of opting for a taxi service is the convenience it offers. Taxis provide a door-to-door service, eliminating the need to navigate public transportation or worry about parking. Whether you’re traveling from Ontario to Los Angeles or vice versa, taxis offer a hassle-free way to reach your destination.

Hailing or Booking in Advance

Getting a taxi is incredibly easy in both Ontario and Los Angeles. Passengers can hail taxis on the street by simply raising their hand when they spot one passing by. Alternatively, if you prefer to plan ahead or want to ensure availability during peak hours, you can book a taxi in advance through phone calls or mobile apps provided by these taxi companies.

Flexibility in Travel Plans

Taxis offer flexibility. Unlike buses or trains that operate on fixed schedules, taxis allow you to choose your departure time based on your convenience. This flexibility is particularly beneficial if you have specific timing requirements or if you need to catch a flight at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

Professional Drivers

Taxi companies pride themselves on employing professional drivers who are knowledgeable about the best routes between Ontario and Los Angeles. These drivers are experienced in navigating through traffic and can ensure that you reach your destination efficiently while avoiding any unnecessary delays.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a reliable and convenient way to travel between Ontario and Los Angeles without the hassle of driving or using public transportation, taxi services are an excellent choice. Reputable companies like Yellow Cab, United Taxi, and LA City Cab offer door-to-door service and can be easily hailed or booked in advance. With professional drivers who know the routes well, taxis provide flexibility in travel plans and ensure a smooth journey for passengers.

Hotel accommodations: Finding suitable hotels in Ontario and Los Angeles

In Ontario, California, as well as in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of options. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious resort or a budget-friendly motel, both cities offer a wide range of hotel accommodations to suit various budgets and preferences. Let’s explore some of the popular choices available in each location.

Ontario Hotel Recommendations

You’ll find several popular hotel chains that provide excellent options for visitors. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Hilton: The Hilton brand offers reliable service and comfortable accommodations for travelers. With amenities like fitness centers, swimming pools, and on-site dining options, Hilton hotels are an excellent choice for those seeking convenience and comfort.
  2. Marriott: Known for their exceptional hospitality, Marriott hotels in Ontario provide a pleasant stay experience. From spacious rooms to modern facilities such as business centers and Wi-Fi access, Marriott hotels cater to both business travelers and vacationers alike.
  3. Holiday Inn: If you’re looking for affordability without compromising on quality, Holiday Inn is worth considering. With clean rooms, friendly staff, and amenities like complimentary breakfasts and fitness centers, Holiday Inn hotels offer great value for money.

Los Angeles Hotel Recommendations

Moving on to the vibrant city of Los Angeles, you’ll be spoiled for choice with its extensive selection of hotels catering to different needs and preferences. Here are some recommendations based on popular attractions:

  1. Hollywood Area: If you want to be close to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Boulevard or the Walk of Fame, consider staying at one of the many hotels in this area. From luxury resorts like The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to budget-friendly motels like The Dixie Hollywood Hotel, there’s something for every traveler.
  2. Downtown LA: For those interested in exploring the heart of the city, Downtown LA offers a range of accommodation options. From boutique hotels like The Standard Downtown LA to well-known chains like The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites, you’ll find a variety of choices to suit your preferences.

Finding the Best Deals

To find the best deals on hotel accommodations in both Ontario and Los Angeles, travelers can take advantage of numerous online booking platforms. These platforms allow you to compare prices, read reviews from other guests, and make reservations with ease. Some popular options include:

  • Expedia

By using these platforms, you can find great discounts and special offers that may not be available when booking directly through the hotel’s website.

Comparing distances and convenient transportation options

Now that we’ve explored the driving distance from Ontario to Los Angeles, as well as various transportation options like trains, buses, and taxis, you have a better understanding of how far these two cities are from each other. Whether you prefer the freedom of driving or the convenience of public transportation, there are plenty of ways to travel between Ontario and Los Angeles.

To make your journey even smoother, consider booking your hotel accommodations in advance. This way, you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of when you arrive at your destination. With a wide range of hotels available in both Ontario and Los Angeles, you’ll easily find one that suits your needs and budget.

So go ahead and plan your trip with confidence! Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling between Ontario and Los Angeles has never been easier. Enjoy the scenic drive or hop on a train or bus to sit back and relax while someone else takes care of the navigation. The choice is yours!


How long does it take to drive from Ontario to Los Angeles?

The driving time from Ontario to Los Angeles varies depending on traffic conditions but typically takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Are there any tolls on the route between Ontario and Los Angeles?

No, there are no tolls on the direct route between Ontario and Los Angeles.

Can I take public transportation from Ontario to Los Angeles?

Yes, there are several options for public transportation including trains operated by Amtrak, buses operated by various companies, and taxis.

What is the cost of taking a taxi from Ontario to Los Angeles?

The cost of a taxi ride from Ontario to Los Angeles can vary depending on factors such as traffic conditions and distance traveled. It is best to check with local taxi companies for accurate pricing information.

Are there any hotels near the airports in both Ontario and Los Angeles?

Yes, both cities have a range of hotels located near their respective airports, providing convenient accommodation options for travelers.

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